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In a couple of thousand many years, “the Earthlings had been proliferating. To become Using the Anunnaki they were eager, for food items rations they toiled effectively. Of heat and dust they did not complain, of backbreaking they did not grumble. Of hardships of labor the Anunnaki have been relieved.”

Enki and Ningishzidda serviced Erectus Females but didn't impregnate them. So that they collected their unique seed, and, in test tubes, fertilized Erectus ova to produce zygotes.

The southeast corner building– the site’s major (240 x 250 toes in area)–rose a few stories made from clean-confronted incised masonry stone blocks. “From a terrace around the east a monumental stone stairway triggered a gate as much as the main building.

“I decided to ship the alleged Anunnaki feminine Photograph to two different photoshop industry experts. The first a single really wants to be nameless, but the next a single was Barbara Brown, aka Wiolawa (), of Native Indian descendent, whom for my part has accomplished astounding investigate in the exopolitical scene, generally by using Photoshop like a tool. More often than not, she’s been correct on! I didn’t point out nearly anything about what I’d been informed relating to this Photograph. In both of those instances they came back with the exact solution: this particular person is not really thoroughly human, but a hybrid. Wiolawa even claimed she appeared to have some form of “overlay”.

Michael states that when there were indications which the ETs were being from the Anunnaki, he found it Odd, but Conversely, he didn’t understand what or who they have been.

Thanks on your e mail right now. I just gained a copy of Everything you despatched, and chose to reply that has a letter directly for you. From the place I’m sitting, I listen to two Michaels speak out – the musical Michael, and that is a musically inclined personna that’s gone through a musical evolution, and also the non-public Michael, which happens to be the one that’s passed through an awakening.

Chinese emperors claimed descent from these “skymen-godpeople” who landed in “flying dragons” from another planet.

Karen was tested to the capacities of telepathy, distant viewing, and telempathic contact. A divine intervention brought Karen out of the clutches of that plan, nonetheless she grew to become mindful of her talents to help make contact with lots of different types of beings, with the ability to access the “akashic” document or even the human “biokind biomind” for info, in addition to do channeling by using computerized writing.

Sumerians lacked telescopes and couldn’t see Uranus’ and Neptune’s orbits the route maps show. Nibiran-dictated maps verify they'd astronomical information Sumerians, by themselves, didn’t. The maps accurately element the entire Earth from space, a point of view not possible for ancient Sumerians on their own.

Sitchin states the megalithic builders bum builders of Tiahuancu, as an alternative to the incredibly current Incas, that developed Cuzco, very long in advance of Inca periods. “Among the Inca mastermasons decided to haul up original site a stone where by the initial builders had dropped it.

In summertime, when Abael’s meadows dried and his pastures shrunk, he drove his flocks “from the furrows and canals to consume. By this Ka-in was angered.”

The rest of the year, Gilgamesh loosed his lust on Uruk’s brides. He pressured any he fancied to pair with him before their husbands could.

A lot of the other Investigation Fellows are performing just that now, a number of whom have by now printed for all associates from the “XXXX” Group to read through and touch upon. You'll then have the possibility and possibility to interact with them by phone and by messenger on the things they explained about That which you wrote, and protect, modify and you could check here update your place of view. Most everything you go through will go a long way toward encouraging you unlearn Anything you acquired before and what you think that you understand about the subject(s). I’m right here to show you that not all is the way it’s cracked out to become. Fox Mulder, the well known FBI agent while in the X-Information experienced a declaring on his office wall Having said that, “The Truth is on the market!

This ellipse-shaped advanced lies inside a mortarless stone wall twelve fathoms large and 6 meters thick.

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